Wish List — Quilt Batting

Every year, Hiland quilters adopt a rural village.
They donate quilts directly to villagers. They also sell quilts and donate money.

The quilts are made with fabric, quilt batting, thread, and lots of time & expertise.

The bottleneck in the process is the quilt batting. They need large rolls of 8-oz. or 10-oz. quilt batting.

We have donated eight rolls in the past year, but they have an ongoing for quilt batting.

We bought our rolls at Jo-Ann Fabrics, using 50%-off coupons, for a cost of about $100 per roll.

The quilt batting must be shipped directly from the store or retailer to Hiland, after first getting the shipment pre-approved.

Please contact us if you want to donate quilt batting.

(Page updated 2014-03-30)