Wish List — Pen Pals

Many inmates are very lonely in prison. Some have been abandoned by family or friends. They need someone to write to and share their burdens. Corresponding with an inmate may be the brightest spot in their lives.

We suggest not judging them. The judicial system is already doing that. And please remember that not all inmates are criminals. Some inmates are simply awaiting trial, and may well be innocent. Furthermore, people change. You would not want people to judge you without listening to your side of the story, or to judge you now based on how you were ten years ago. Let God and the judicial system handle judgement.

At the same time, we suggest being not too trusting. You don't know when they will get out, or how they will behave then. We suggest using a post office box as your return address, unless you live in a secure place, such as on JBER.

If you would like to correspond with an inmate, please contact us.

(Page updated 2014-03-30)